New Global Trends research on market power of Big Tech 16 June 22 Javier Morales Fhon

Policymakers around the world are looking at how to address the competitive challenges posed by the market power of big tech companies across different sectors of the digital economy in their respective countries.

Among the 12 jurisdictions included in this Global Trends research, Australia, the European Union (EU), Korea, India, Japan, South Africa and Turkey adopted or have proposed to adopt an approach of competition policy crossed with regulation. Under such an approach ex post measures are combined with ex ante measures addressed to certain online platforms.

In China, Singapore and the US, competition policy remains the main toolkit, but with changes already introduced or proposed specific to online platforms. Brazil and Mexico are researching the market power of online platforms while maintaining a wait and see approach as regards introducing new rules.

The report includes, among others, recent landmark cases related to competition issues in China (Tencent), the EU (Apple, Meta Platforms), India (Amazon), Korea (Naver and Kakao) and Turkey (Nadirkitap).

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