Thank you for this simply extraordinary year 21 December 21

Dear friends, 

We are grateful for your trust and loyalty, which made this year simply extraordinary.

We are also grateful for the feedback and suggestions you provided us with throughout the year, which helped us serve you better and support WeForest to make a positive difference in the world. 

Each feedback we collected in 2021 was accounted for by the funding of a tree. As we write this, we are pleased to say that Cullen International colleagues and clients helped us fund the growth of 5479 trees next year.

This amount also includes the trees our colleagues earned for each kilometre they cycled, ran or walked (or even spent on a horseback) during our 'mobility challenge' last summer.

We wish you a healthy and bright 2022 and look forward to serving you and meeting you virtually or in person at one of our conferences or training seminars in the New Year!

Best wishes for this special season,

Your Cullen International Team


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