[INFOGRAPHIC] New Cullen Cheat Sheet on the draft European digital identity framework 14 December 21 Marianna Mattera

The European Commission presented in June 2021 its proposal for a European digital identity framework: the draft EUid Regulation. The draft EUid Regulation aims at tackling the shortcomings of the current regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS).

In particular, the draft EUid regulation aims to:

  • require member states to issue at least a digital wallet under a notified digital identification (eID) scheme with common technical standards recognised across the EU;
  • allow users to electronically identify themselves when authenticating online or offline (e.g. QR-code to verify authenticity in the context of a health service) for accessing public and private services;
  • set out requirements for service providers relying on digital wallets to prevent the unlawful use of identity data and electronic attestations of attributes (e.g. university degree);
  • oblige private service providers, including in the areas of digital infrastructure, postal services and telecommunications, to accept the use of digital wallets; and
  • oblige very large platforms to accept the use of digital wallets upon request of the user.

This cheat sheet provides an overview of the main innovation introduced by the draft EUid Regulation – the digital identity wallet – and its functioning.

This cheat sheet offers a graphic representation and a summary of the main aspects of the proposed digital identity wallet, including:

  • the key principles of the digital wallet;
  • the functioning of the EU digital identity ecosystem, including a case scenario;
  • the main relevant aspects of the digital wallet; and
  • under which circumstances private providers are obliged to accept the digital wallets.

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