New tracker on the review of the EU access recommendations 04 November 21 Emma O'Toole

The European Commission is currently reviewing its two existing recommendations on access to broadband networks: the 2010 recommendation on next-generation access and the 2013 recommendation on non-discrimination and costing methodologies. 

The Commission’s aim is to align the existing recommendations with the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), in particular to reflect the new objective of promoting access to and the take-up of very high capacity networks.

It is likely that the outcome will be a replacement recommendation that will complement other sources of guidance on the EECC, including the Commission's 2018 market analysis and SMP guidelines, and the 2020 recommendation on relevant markets, as well as BEREC's EECC guidelines.

Cullen International’s new Tracker provides a handy summary of the current EU access regulations, as well as key contact(s), next steps and a timeline with the key milestones.

For more information and access to the report, please click on “Request Access”, or on “Access the full content” in case you are a subscriber of our European Telecoms service.


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