Data centres: what regulation? 22 November 21 Elena Scaramuzzi

Driven by increasing demand for cloud services and applications such as video-streaming services and social networking, data centre activities are growing fast.

A new Global Trends report by Cullen International outlines the newest trends regarding the data centre industry. The report analyses:

  • Market structure, business models and revenues generated by data centre activities
  • Consolidation trends: recent M&As involving data centres around the world
  • Environmental sustainability of data centres: policies and self-regulatory initiatives
  • Incentives and moratoriums on the establishment of new data centres
  • Regional and country case studies

According to the research, policymakers tend to incentivise the establishment of state-of-the art data centres to spur growth and innovation in the national digital economy. In some countries, policymakers mandate that certain data are stored in data centres located in the national territory. Policymakers are also increasingly debating how to ensure data centres are environmentally sustainable.

For more information on the report, please click on “Access the full content” - or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our Global Trends service.


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