Approaches to social media regulation vary considerably around the world 06 September 21 Elena Scaramuzzi

According to new Global Trends research by Cullen International, approaches to social media regulation vary considerably around the world.

Growing use of social media, further accelerated in many countries by social distancing policies related with the COVID-19 pandemic, led several governments to revise some of the safeguards protecting online platforms from liability and responsibility for content shared by their end -users.

Among the countries analysed in this benchmark, over the past year, China, the EU, India, Japan, and the US revised (or proposed to revise) in some respects their respective safe harbour rules.

This 50+ page Global Trends benchmark covers different aspects of social media regulation:

  • Licensing requirements, ownership restrictions, supervisory authorities, and taxation.
  • Safe harbour: scope and main conditions for it to apply.
  • Tackling harmful or illegal content on social media platforms.

The research covers: Australia, Brazil, China, the EU, France, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and the US.

For more information and to access our report on social media regulation trends around the globe, please click on “Access the full content” - or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our Global Trends service.


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