New global trends benchmark on full-fibre networks 14 July 21 André Gomes

Cullen International's new Global Trends benchmark shows that full fibre is mostly available in Asia-Pacific countries. The US and emerging countries still have a long way ahead to reach a coverage level as significant as in Asia-Pacific countries. In the EU and the UK, targets and public funding for high capacity networks might contribute to increasing full-fibre coverage.

The benchmark further shows that:

  • the passive optical network (PON) architecture is most commonly used in all economies surveyed;
  • wholesale-only networks directly connecting premises become increasingly available;
  • co-investment initiatives are scarce among the countries surveyed;
  • in most surveyed countries, alternative operators built entirely separate full-fibre networks.


The research covers Australia, Brazil, China, the EU, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, the UK and the US and provides information on the following:

  • Statistics on full-fibre access network deployment.
  • Government targets and public funding for full fibre.
  • Types of infrastructure used and the regulatory and voluntary arrangements for commercial deployment of full fibre.

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