Cullen International has been selected as partner for providing training courses to the BEREC community in 2021 09 February 21

Cullen International has been awarded the tender by the Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) for a training on the ‘Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Networks and Services and other Topics Related to BEREC Activities’ for 2021, with a possible extension to up to 4 years.

The objective of the framework contract is to deliver training courses on a yearly basis, which shall provide a comprehensive overview of the new regulatory framework, knowledge of the key regulatory principles and other topics within BEREC areas of activities.

The training courses will be organised online or physically for specialized staff of BEREC members and the participating National Regulatory Authorities without voting rights in charge of topics related to the regulation of electronic communications networks and services and other topics of BEREC area of activities at European and national level during the whole duration of the contract.

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