New benchmark covering initiatives and general regulations on satellite services in the Americas 07 December 20 Alexandra Contreras Flores

The market for satellite services in Latin America is growing at a steady rate. The potential for high growth has recently increased because of higher available capacity. Operators currently compete in the C, X, Ku-and Ka- bands, with a focus on broadband services.

Regulators in most countries in the Americas require satellite service providers to obtain a licence and/or register prior to the provision of services.

Internet service providers and mobile network operators employ satellites to provide broadband service. While satellites are mainly employed as the “middle-mile” or as a backbone solution, in some regions they also provide the full solution for broadband connectivity in rural areas.

According to Cullen International’s new research, some countries in the region are implementing initiatives on satellite services. Mexico and Argentina are holding public consultations on general rules for satellite communications, while the Canadian regulator is consulting on proposals to relocate satellite services.

In Canada, ISED consulted on using the 3.5–4.2 GHz band to support 5G services, proposing different options and one specific allocation for satellite-dependent regions, as well as a proposal to reorganise the band in the secondary market. The Brazilian government granted four new satellite licences to operate in the country.

In March 2020, the US regulator FCC made the 3700–4000 MHz band available for flexible use. In June 2020, the FCC announced that the incumbent satellite operators in the 3700–3980 MHz band committed to clear the spectrum on an accelerated timeline

Our new benchmark highlights any initiatives in place in the Americas and covers general regulations on satellite services, including the spectrum bands used, and whether operators require licences or registration before providing satellite services.

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