Latest 5G initiatives in the Americas 21 December 20 Alexandra Contreras Flores

5G, the latest generation of mobile technology, demands substantial amounts of spectrum to deliver on its promise of significantly enhanced mobile services.

Cullen International’s latest research in the Americas shows that only the United States and Colombia have adopted a comprehensive 5G strategy. Brazil and Chile consulted on a 5G strategy, while Canada and Mexico discussed the identification of 5G pioneer bands but have not adopted a comprehensive strategy. Peru consulted on proposed guidelines to foster 4G and 5G network deployment.

Countries in the Americas are assigning or freeing spectrum in the low, mid and high bands to allow all 5G use cases. The main mid-band under debate is the 3.5 GHz band, considered in most countries in the region as the most plausible to host 5G services. Low bands, in general, include spectrum from the first and second digital dividends (600 and 700 MHz bands). Several high or mmWave bands are also being considered for 5G network deployment.

The United States and Chile have already started to award 5G spectrum. The United States awarded almost 5 GHz of spectrum in the mmWave bands and 70 MHz in the mid bands. The US is also currently awarding another 280 MHz in the mid bands.  Chile is tendering 1,800 MHz of spectrum across different bands and will announce the results of the award in February 2021.

Cullen’s newly designed Americas Spectrum benchmark shows: whether there is any regulation, policy proposal or specific target for the deployment of 5G networks in the Americas; the identification and availability of 5G pioneer spectrum bands; and gives examples of 5G trials and commercial deployments.

To access the full benchmark, please click on “Access the full content” - or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our Americas Radio Spectrum service.

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