Latest updates on telecoms regulation from the Middle East and North Africa 22 October 20

This report looks back at the main regulatory updates in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) telecoms sector between April and October 2020.

Four countries have awarded or plan to award spectrum for mobile operators:

  • Algeria granted new spectrum for mobile operators to enhance the quality of mobile services;
  • Egypt auctioned the 2.6 GHz spectrum as additional spectrum for 4G;
  • Jordan renewed a spectrum licence in the 900 MHz band; and
  • The United Arab Emirates allocated part of the 26 GHz band for 5G.

In Saudi Arabia, the regulator focused on consumer rights with two new regulations on contracted broadband speed and on personal data protection. Two operators in Saudi Arabia want to establish a joint tower company.

The regulator in Bahrain reviewed the market for international connectivity, while the regulator in Jordan conducted a new round of market review including all telecoms markets.

The Jordanian regulator also adopted a regulation on the internet of things.

The Libanese government decided to hand the management of the state-owned mobile operators Alfa and Touch over to the Ministry of Telecommunications.

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