Quality of Service (QoS) & Quality of Experience (QoE) in the digital world 13 December 19 Elena Scaramuzzi & Laurence Nivot

The traditional approach to quality of service has been evolving in recent years to empower consumers and help them measure their experience in using fixed and mobile network services.

The use of new tools and applications, often made available by national regulatory authorities, has become widespread not only in Europe but also in many emerging economies around the world.

During a 1-hour free webinar, Cullen International's Elena Scaramuzzi and Laurence Nivot traveled around the world to discuss how telecoms regulators have been exploring new ways to ensure quality of service and to empower consumers:

  • Is there a general shift from monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) to empowering consumers to measure their Quality of Experience (QoE)? Are the two approaches complementary or substitutes?
  • What has been the impact of increased competition and new digital services in this evolution?
  • Case studies and examples from selected countries.


You can access the recording of this free webinar here.

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