Expanded coverage of telecoms security: how will the EU manage 5G cybersecurity? 04 September 19

The EU is in the process of strengthening its cybersecurity rules that apply to 5G networks and to the telecoms industry more broadly.

Cullen International’s latest ‘Tracker’ report on Telecoms 5G cybersecurity starts with the security provisions in the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC).

As described in the Tracker, the EECC brings changes for telecoms operators and regulatory authorities to security breach notification. It also expands the application of the security obligations and the separate personal data breach notification rules to cover more operators. Beyond 5G, these changes will impact prior network generations.

The Tracker then delves into the impact that related legislation (e.g. regarding critical infrastructure, cybersecurity certification and privacy) has on 5G network security. This also addresses the question of how the cybersecurity regime for telecoms operators relates to the regime for critical infrastructure operators.

Most importantly, the Tracker analyses the European institutions’ response to 5G network security concerns. This considers, among other things, what progress has been made to fulfill the European Commission’s recommendation on 5G security.

Learn about the EU’s 5G coordinated action with upcoming deadlines for the EU risk assessment and risk management toolbox.

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