New report on regulation of connected cars in Europe 03 June 19

The EU’s overarching policy objective is to achieve a cleaner, safer and more efficient transport system in the EU. This was set out most recently in the European Commission’s Third Mobility Package of May 2018 – which includes a strategy to make Europe a world leader in fully automated and connected mobility systems.

Cullen International has published a new 'Tracker' report covering the main EU policy and regulatory initiatives relevant to the deployment of connected and automated mobility in Europe.

The main regulatory issues covered in the 'Tracker' include:

  • technology standards for connectivity between cars and between cars and road infrastructure,
  • privacy and data protection,
  • access to car data by third parties,
  • cybersecurity, and
  • liability issues related to autonomous driving.

To access the report, please click on “Access the full content” - or on “Request Access”, in case you are not subscribed to our services.

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