New benchmark on the state of play of PSTN shutdown and copper decommissioning in Europe 11 June 19

When fixed operators move towards using voice over IP (VoIP) they may at one point decide to shut down the traditional telephony network after they have migrated all clients to the new technology.

Separately, when fixed operators replace part or all of their local copper network with fibre, they may decide to phase out the main distribution frame in the local exchange or even completely stop using all copper wires.

Cullen International’s new benchmark on technology migration shows whether plans to shut down the PSTN or decommission the local copper access network exist in 17 EU members states.

The complete shutdown of the existing PSTN access network is planned in nine of the countries researched with a timeline ranging between the end of 2019 (e.g. Greece and Switzerland) and 2025 (UK). Copper decommissioning plans exist in six of the countries researched and Norway is the only country where the incumbent operator set a deadline for decommissioning the copper network (2023).

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