Handling end-user complaints in the postal sector 18 April 24 | ONLINE

Consumers tend to complain if they are not satisfied with services they receive, and the postal field is not an exception. So, what options and tools do the postal end users have to complain? In this free one-hour webinar, Cullen International's experts will provide an overview of how the end-user complaints are handled in the postal sector and answer your questions.

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The EU postal regulatory framework prescribes that all postal service providers must have transparent, simple and affordable procedures for dealing with end-users' complaints. In particular, such procedures shall be in place for complaints related to non-compliance with the quality of service standards, and for the loss, thefts and damage of postal items.

The available procedures must aim for the fair settlement of disputes, with reimbursement and/or compensation to end users where applicable. Furthermore, postal operators providing universal service are required to publish, on annual basis, information on the number of complaints received and how those were handled/resolved.

The applicable regulations shall also encourage the use of independent out-of-court settlement schemes as an alternative means for dispute resolution between postal service providers and end users. The latter may escalate their claims to the competent national authority if complaints are not satisfactorily resolved by the universal service providers.

Cullen International's free one-hour webinar provides an overview of how the end-user complaints are handled in the postal sector, including:

  • how European postal consumers make their complaints and to which bodies;
  • the nature of typical complaints by the postal end users; and
  • the postal operators' obligations to compensate end users for late, damaged or lost items, and the levels of such compensation.


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Armen Ghalumyan Head of Postal
Céline Senay Analyst
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