Broadband state aid in the EU: revised European Commission guidelines 16 February 23 | ONLINE

Learn about the latest EU Broadband State Aid Guidelines in this free online regulatory briefing. Guest speaker, Mr. Pietro Pantalissi, Case handler from the EU Commission's DG Competition will present and answer questions on the revised guidelines.


In December 2022, the European Commission issued revised Broadband State Aid Guidelines that seek to ensure that public support measures result in wider broadband coverage and take-up in line with the EU’s digital policy objectives, without breaching the EU’s state aid rules by unduly distorting private investments and competition. 

The revised guidelines, which replace the earlier 2013 version:

  • align the threshold for public support to fixed networks with the latest technological and market developments, in principle allowing state aid in areas without existing or credibly planned 1 Gbps networks; and
  • provide new guidance on aid for the deployment of mobile networks and on measures aimed at stimulating service take-up (vouchers).

Cullen International invited Mr. Pietro Pantalissi, Case handler - DG Competition - EU Commission - to this free one-hour online briefing event to present and address questions on these and other novel elements of the revised guidelines.

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