Connectivity in the LEO satellite constellations era 01 December 22 | ONLINE

Global competition to offer broadband from space is heating up. During this one-hour free webinar, Cullen International experts will analyse the development of satellite communications, the business model for new LEO satellite constellations, challenges and opportunities, and the regulatory environment.


Satellite technologies are playing a growing role in providing broadband access in rural, sub-urban and even urban areas around the globe. Governments consider this option as an effective means to reduce the digital divide. In remote areas in particular, satellite service is a critical solution.

Geostationary satellites (GEO), orbiting at around 36,000 km above the earth’s surface, have traditionally been used to provide seamless communications network coverage. However, a constellation of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, at an altitude of between 160 and 2,000 km, can provide continuous, global coverage offering lower latency services than GEO satellites. Next generation satellite systems are now using LEO constellations to provide reliable basic and advanced telecommunications services.

Several satellite operators are reaching agreements with other connectivity services providers to reach end-users at lower cost than can be achieved with traditional land-based telecommunications services. At the same time, mergers between traditional satellite players could produce a significant change in market structure resulting in multi-orbit business models.

In this context, new opportunities and challenges arise for the industry and for governments and regulators who seek to promote a more dynamic satellite market.

During this one-hour free webinar, Cullen International experts Alexandra Contreras Flores and Ali Hayajneh will uncover the key aspects of the satellite industry, focusing on LEO constellations.

They will provide a general overview of satellite communications development, along with details of the different mega LEO satellite constellations, and a review of the licensing requirements and regulation applying in Europe, the Americas, MENA and other major countries.

When? Thursday, 1st December 2022 - from 3PM to 4PM (GMT+1 / CET) - Check your time zone

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Alexandra Contreras Flores Analyst Americas
Ali Hayajneh Senior Analyst

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