Co-regulatory schemes for protection of minors - International workshop 25 April 19 | Bratislava, Slovakia

Co-regulatory schemes for protection of minors – lessons for the transposition of new AVMSD rules. Seats reservations are open until 17th April 2019. Limited seats are available.

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The new Audiovisual media services directive (AVMSD) entered into force on the 18th of December 2018. This marked the start of the transposition phase for the EU members states. Amongst the significantly updated provisions are the revamped rules for protection of minors in the audiovisual media services. This creates a unified set of rules for the television and video-on-demand services and offers more protection of and information to the audiences about the content they experience on these services.

At the same time the AVMSD brings forward even further the self and co-regulatory approaches as a possible implementation methods of the AVMSD provisions. There are currently various examples of such schemes, including notably the Kijkwijzer system, that has been used in several EU countries. Also in Slovakia these two elements have been discussed together in the transposition process and a possible move to co-regulation in the area of protection of minors regulation is currently under discussion.

In this context the aim of this workshop is to bring together the representatives of the EU Member states and national regulatory authorities having experience, or considering the use of such co-regulatory schemes in the current transposition. This debate will then be informed by a concrete case study of a functioning co-regulatory system – Kijkwijzer and the analysis of such schemes across the EU provided by the Cullen International.  The aim of the debate is to be as practical as possible to discuss the possibility of setting up new co-regulatory schemes in this area or to further develop it. The language of the workshop is going to be English. 


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