Regulation Made Simple


We have a 40-strong team of talented regulatory analysts and business operations staff that together make Cullen International the successful company it is, and just as importantly, a fun and enriching place to work. We are a multi-cultural team - coming from 18 countries and speaking 22 languages. We also have a long-established network of local expert correspondents supporting us.

  • Chandan Agarwal
  • Virginie Alloo
  • Nathalie Berrettoni
  • Veronica Bocarova
  • Sébastien Breyne
  • Jan Cisar
  • Ana Da Motta
  • Stefano De Luca
  • Philippe Defraigne
  • Hugues Dehaut
  • Delphine Demanet
  • Charlotte Dercq
  • Jérôme Dheur
  • Sofia Dilinos
  • Ezequiel Dominguez
  • Peter Dunn
  • Armen Ghalumyan
  • Valentina Grasso
  • Javier Huerta Bravo
  • Dries Indesteege
  • Suzanne Jude
  • Janne Kalliala
  • Muatasem Khair Ad-Deen
  • Dieter Kronegger
  • Tomasz Kulinski
  • Michele Ledger
  • Susanne Lesschaeve
  • Carolina Limbatto
  • Serge Margoulies
  • Marianna Mattera
  • Albert Mehana
  • Andre Moura Gomes
  • Laurence Nivot
  • Matej Podbevsek
  • Pierre-Yves Potelle
  • Visiola Pula
  • Laura Sboarina
  • Elena Scaramuzzi
  • Martin Schraa
  • Sufian Shunnaq
  • James Thomson
  • Nathalie Vereecke
  • Sarah Vergote
  • Chandan

  • Virginie

  • Nathalie

  • Veronica

  • Sébastien

  • Jan

  • Ana
    Da Motta

  • Stefano
    De Luca

  • Philippe

  • Hugues

  • Delphine

  • Charlotte

  • Jérôme

  • Sofia

  • Ezequiel

  • Peter

  • Armen

  • Valentina

  • Javier
    Huerta Bravo

  • Dries

  • Suzanne

  • Janne

  • Muatasem
    Khair Ad-Deen

  • Dieter

  • Tomasz

  • Michele

  • Susanne

  • Carolina

  • Serge

  • Marianna

  • Albert

  • Andre
    Moura Gomes

  • Laurence

  • Matej

  • Pierre-Yves

  • Visiola

  • Laura

  • Elena

  • Martin

  • Sufian

  • James

  • Nathalie

  • Sarah

Chandan Agarwal

Web & Java Developer

Chandan is a web and Java developer working on Cullen International’s website and authoring platform.

He worked as consultant for the company in 2012-2013 and joined the IT Team in April 2015.

Chandan has international experience as a Java developer in India, France, Netherlands and Belgium.

Virginie Alloo

Senior Analyst

Virginie follows regulatory developments in the postal sector, with a focus on national developments in Belgium and France.

Since joining Cullen International in 2008, Virginie has reported on e-commerce issues, after previously working as a regulatory advisor at Belgacom.

Nathalie Berrettoni

Business Manager

Nathalie manages the day-to-day running of the company including administration, human resources and finance. She joined Cullen International in 1997.

Veronica Bocarova

Principal Analyst

Veronica is responsible for developing Cullen International’s regulatory training portfolio. She has been actively engaged in capacity building initiatives for policymakers and regulators across a wide range of European countries.

She also worked extensively on expanding Cullen International’s service coverage into the CEE countries and led the European Commission’s monitoring of telecom markets in the EU enlargement countries from 2008 to 2014.

Sébastien Breyne

Senior Finance Analyst

Sébastien works in the administrative department of the company. He is dealing with the analysis of budget and financial data and developing related reports. 

He joined Cullen International in 2013. 

Jan Cisar

Senior Analyst

Jan follows telecoms regulation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey. Before joining Cullen International in 2013, Jan was a regulatory economist at Telefónica Czech Republic.

Ana Da Motta

Analyst Americas

Ana Carolina da Motta holds an LL.M degree in Intellectual Property (Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre, Max Planck Institute). She follows regulation of the media and digital economy sectors in the Americas, and is lead author of the Media Cross-Country Analysis report in the Americas.

She joined Cullen International in 2016, after previously working as an intellectual property and entertainment lawyer in Barcelona, Geneva and São Paulo.

Stefano De Luca


Stefano follows telecom regulation in Italy and Macedonia.

Before joining Cullen International in 2016, Stefano worked as an associate in an international law firm and at the European Commission’s think tank on various topics related to the EU telecom framework review and the digital economy.

Philippe Defraigne

Founding Director

A founding director of Cullen International in 1988, Philippe has worked extensively on EU regulation affecting the telecoms and internet sectors and the implementation at national level across Europe. He is widely regarded in the industry as one of the leading experts in the field.
Philippe pioneered the practice of cross-country benchmarking of national regulation – the core methodology used across all of Cullen International's intelligence services.
He leads business development activities for the company – focussing on building Cullen International's business outside of Europe, in particular in Latin America, the Middle East & North Africa.
Philippe frequently presents Cullen International research at industry conferences, client briefings and training courses.

Hugues Dehaut

Junior Administrative Assistant

Hugues is a trained translator and recently joined Cullen International to bring support to the Administration Team. 

He speaks French, English and Spanish as well as a some Brazilian and Italian.

Delphine Demanet

IT Support & Infrastructure Specialist

Delphine manages a large part of Cullen International infrastructure assets, from small laptops to large printers, from operating systems to mails and applications, including acquisition, delivery and support.


She is also a certified Scrum Business Owner, participating in the life-cycle of internal applications and acting as release manager for our web publishing system.


Delphine joined Cullen International in 2000.


Charlotte Dercq

Client Data Administrator

Charlotte ensures the smooth processing of customer contracts and renewals, and maintains the internal financial accounts.

She worked for Cullen International on an interim basis, before joining full-time in 2017. She previously worked as a financial controller in the banking sector.


Jérôme Dheur

Senior Analyst

Jérôme follows EU regulation affecting the internet and media sectors. He also follows the television market in France.
Jérôme is lead author of the Media Cross-Country Analysis report covering Western Europe. He is leading the development of a similar report covering Latin America.
Jérôme joined the company in 1999. In 2012 he took a sabbatical to work nine months for Cable Europe.

Sofia Dilinos

Senior Analyst

Sofia follows EU regulation shaping the digital economy, specialising in privacy and data protection. Before joining Cullen International in 2016, she worked as EU affairs manager at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB Europe) and as journalist for various media.

Ezequiel Dominguez

Head of Business Development

Ezequiel heads Cullen International’s business development in Europe and Americas.

Until end 2015, Ezequiel lead the coverage of the fast-growing telecoms and television sectors in Latin America (now Americas), having co-founded the service in 2010. Based in Brussels, he travels frequently across Europe and Americas to meet telecoms and television providers, regulators and government ministries. Prior to his collaboration with Cullen International, Ezequiel was a senior researcher at Informa Telecoms & Media in London.

Peter Dunn

Director of client services

Peter is responsible for our portfolio of regulatory intelligence and training services for clients, ensuring that our services meet clients’ current and future needs. Peter also leads the postal regulatory intelligence service.
Peter has developed new lines of business for the company – including the launch of a successful training business in 2011 and the postal service in 2013.
Before joining Cullen International in 2010, he worked in the UK and continental Europe for Orange and for Colt; and for Digicel Group in the Caribbean.

Armen Ghalumyan

Senior Analyst

Armen covers postal and telecoms regulation, including managing the postal cross-country tables and following telecoms developments in Estonia and Romania.

Prior to working with Cullen International in 2015, Armen was involved as a consultant in a number of ICT-related assignments for the World Bank and the EBRD.


Valentina Grasso

Senior Administrator

Valentina prepares subsidy applications, contracts, tenders and other administrative services to support clients.  

Before joining Cullen International, Valentina worked for 12 years in the Public Affairs office of Telecom Italia in Brussels. Valentina has a degree in translation, speaking Italian, French and English, as well as some Spanish and Dutch.


Javier Huerta Bravo

Head of practice

Javier leads the digital economy regulatory intelligence service for Europe. Before joining Cullen International in 2014, Javier worked at the European Commission on copyright, e-commerce and other topics related to online services. He is a qualified lawyer.

Dries Indesteege

Head of Europe Telecoms

Dries leads our research on telecoms regulation in Europe, pulling in contributions from our analysts and correspondents across the continent. Prior to his collaboration with Cullen International, Dries worked at Belgacom/Proximus on local loop unbundling and the company's launch of IPTV.

Suzanne Jude

Competition Law Principal Analyst

Suzanne tracks and analyses competition law developments at both EU and national level in all sectors covered by Cullen International (telecoms, media, digital economy and postal).

Prior to her collaboration with Cullen International, Suzanne was a competition lawyer in international law firms for seven years. She received a PhD in European competition law in 2006.

Janne Kalliala

Head of Competition Law and Principal Analyst

Janne is responsible for the Competition Law service of Cullen International that tracks and analyses competition law developments at both EU and national level. He also follows telecoms regulation in Finland. Prior to his collaboration with Cullen International, Janne was a competition lawyer in Helsinki. 


Muatasem Khair Ad-Deen

Senior Analyst

Muatasem traces telecoms regulation in Middle East & North Africa. He follows the regulation in Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Before joining Cullen International in 2016, he worked at the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and the Competition Authority of Jordan.

Dieter Kronegger


Dieter follows telecoms regulation in Germany and Austria and is the lead author of the Spectrum Service.
Before the start of his collaboration with Cullen International in 2005, Dieter worked at the Austrian telecoms and media regulator RTR.

Tomasz Kulinski

Postal Analyst

Tomasz follows postal regulatory developments in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Tomasz joined Cullen International in 2016, having worked for over 12 years for the regulatory authorities in Poland as an expert in the postal and electronic communications markets.

Michele Ledger

Head of practice

Michèle leads Cullen International’s Media regulatory intelligence service. She also works in the digital economy practice and has extensive knowledge on the implementation of the frameworks at national level across Europe.

She is an assistant lecturer in comparative law and English legal terminology and a researcher at the CRIDS and NADI research centres of the University of Namur. She joined Cullen International in 1998, previously working as a researcher at the University of Namur and as a lawyer in Brussels.


Susanne Lesschaeve

Head of Marketing & Communication

Susanne is in charge of marketing and communications, including event management. She joined Cullen International in 2012, bringing 16 years of marketing experience in the ICT and medical sectors.

Carolina Limbatto

Senior Analyst, Americas

Carolina follows telecoms regulation in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay, media regulation in Argentina and digital economy in Argentina and Colombia. She is lead author of the Telecoms Cross-Country Analysis reports in the Americas.

Before joining Cullen, Carolina worked at the Argentinian telecoms regulator SeCom for five years, advising on regulatory and economic issues.


Serge Margoulies

CIO - Chief Information Officer

Serge leads Cullen International’s IT team, managing the company’s infrastructure, information systems, business applications and web sites.

Serge joined Cullen International in 2010, previously working as Product Manager, CTO or CEO for multiple companies in Europe, USA and Canada.

Marianna Mattera


Marianna is a qualified lawyer and she follows telecoms regulation at EU level, in Hungary and in Greece. Before joining Cullen International in 2016, Marianna worked at the European Commission (DG Justice) on various topics related to national justice reforms in the context of the European Semester and as project coordinator for a Brussels-based NGO.

Albert Mehana


Albert handles the day-to-day accounting tasks of the company.

He joined Cullen International in 2016. 

Andre Moura Gomes


André follows telecoms regulation in Brazil, Chile and Costa Rica, and is lead author of the Digital Economy Cross-Country Analysis report in the Americas, for which he follows the United States.

Prior to his collaboration with Cullen International, he worked as a policy advisor at the Brazilian Ministry of Communications coordinating policies for expanding broadband services.


Laurence Nivot

Senior Analyst

Laurence follows telecoms regulation in Lithuania, Spain and UK. Laurence is also lead author of the Consumer Protection Cross-Country Analysis report, covering eight European countries. Laurence joined Cullen International in 2012, previously working as a journalist for the European Commission's news website.

Matej Podbevsek

Principal Analyst

Matej follows telecoms regulation in Latvia, Slovenia and the UK, and is the lead author of the monthly Europe Telecom Update. Before joining Cullen International in 2014, Matej was a senior advisor in the telecommunications department of the Slovenian regulator for communication networks and services (AKOS).

Pierre-Yves Potelle

Principal Analyst

Pierre-Yves follows telecoms regulation in France, Morocco, Switzerland and Canada. He is also an expert on the visualisation of data through the use of infographics.
Pierre-Yves joined Cullen International in 2004, previously working as a researcher at the Centre de Recherche Informatique et Droit at the University of Namur, Belgium.

Visiola Pula


Visiola follows telecoms regulation in Ireland, Bulgaria, and Cyprus as well as consumer protection developments in Germany. She joined Cullen International in July 2015, after graduating from the University of Hamburg in EU Law and Affairs.

Laura Sboarina

Principal Analyst

Laura follows EU regulation affecting the media sector, specialising on television and online video services. She also follows the television markets in Italy and in the US.
Laura joined Cullen International in 2011, previously representing in Brussels the European association of television and radio advertising sales houses (EGTA). She also worked at the Italian public service broadcaster, RAI.

Elena Scaramuzzi

Head of Americas Telecoms, Media, and Digital Economy

Elena leads Cullen International’s Americas Telecommunications, Media and Digital Economy services, covering regulatory research for both Latin America and North America. Elena travels frequently to the Americas region to meet telecoms and television providers, regulators and government ministries. Prior to her collaboration with Cullen International, Elena worked as a regulatory advisor at Telecom Italia covering the company's international activities in Latin America and Europe, and at the World Bank in Washington DC.

Martin Schraa

Principal Analyst

Martin follows telecoms regulation at EU level, covering the European Commission, Parliament, Council and BEREC. He also follows postal and telecoms regulation in the Netherlands. Martin joined Cullen International in 2007 after an internship at the European Telecommunications Network Operators' association (ETNO).

Sufian Shunnaq

Senior Consultant

Sufian leads Cullen International's Middle East & North Africa Telecoms regulatory intelligence service.
He follows regulation in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.
Sufian started his collaboration with Cullen International in 2011. He was previously working at the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Jordan.

James Thomson

Principal Analyst


James works as an EU regulatory analyst specializing in regulation of the telecommunications sector and of the digital economy.

James has worked for Cullen International in Brussels for 18 years. He has extensive experience of tracking and reporting on the adoption of EU policy and legislation and their implementation at national level across Europe.

Since 2014, James works in the Digital Economy practice where he covers a wide range of mainly data-related topics, including privacy, cybersecurity, cloud, international data flows outside the EU, and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Nathalie Vereecke

Website editor and access manager

Nathalie is responsible for quality control of the publications on our website and supporting analysts.

She also manages our Customer Relationship Management database and access rights to our website.

Nathalie joined Cullen International in 2001.


Sarah Vergote

Events & Communication Coordinator

Sarah is responsible for event organisation and coordination, providing comprehensive support for participants.

With a graduate degree in tourism, Sarah joined Cullen International in 2013, using her experience to run our events, which include training courses and conferences.