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Latest News from Cullen International

  • Briefing on proposed EU regulation on fairness and transparency of platforms


    Cullen International organised a briefing on the European Commission proposed regulation on "promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services" on 16 May 2018.

  • New comparison between new and existing EU audiovisual rules


    Cullen International has published a comparison between the current EU Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive and the new directive which was agreed by the European Parliament and the Council on 26 April 2018.

  • New benchmark on national mobile roaming in Europe


    Our latest research benchmarks national mobile roaming regulation in Europe, including the technologies involved, if there is a legal obligation to offer national roaming, and price regulation.

  • New Infographic: Models of separation and equivalence of access in Europe


    Our new infographic summarises whether separation is applicable at wholesale level and, if applicable, the model of separation adopted by incumbents in selected European markets.

  • New benchmark on national digital economy strategies in the Americas


    Our latest benchmark shows the latest updates on Digital Economy strategies in the Americas.

  • New research on spectrum for 5G in Europe


    Our latest spectrum benchmarks show upcoming and ongoing spectrum awards in Europe.

  • Now also covering Egypt and Tunisia in our MENA Telecoms Country Profiles


    This report sheds light on the main telecom statistics, market information, institutional and regulatory frameworks and more in the Middle East region.

  • New Americas benchmark on spectrum licence conditions, including for coverage


    Our latest benchmark shows coverage and other conditions contained in spectrum licences across eleven markets in the Americas.

  • 3 regulatory challenges for platforms - Challenge 3: Content recognition technologies


    This is the third of three benchmarks on initiatives targeting platforms in Europe.

  • Postal companies can leverage their trusted reputation to diversify into adjacent services


    The 'Post & Parcel 2018 Europe' conference took place on March 20-22, 2018 in Berlin. This report summarizes the key findings of the conference.

  • 3 regulatory challenges for platforms - Challenge 2: Illegal content


    This is the second of three benchmarks on initiatives targeting platforms in Europe.

  • 3 regulatory challenges for platforms - Challenge 1: Transparency


    This is the first of three benchmarks on initiatives targeting platforms in Europe.

  • Digital economy in Latin America: Cullen International leads policy debate at Mobile World Congress


    (CAF Development Bank of Latin America- Cullen International- GSMA)

  • El Salvador now also covered by our Americas Telecoms service


    Cullen International's Americas telecoms profiles provide market data, regulatory and competition environment, policy outlook, at a glance - now covering 18 countries in the Americas.

  • New benchmark on media literacy in Europe


    Our new benchmark shows if media authorities have a clear mandate to promote media literacy and the main roles they undertake for that purpose. It also shows if other government authorities oversee media literacy.

  • Latest developments in MENA telecoms regulation


    This brief looks back at the main developments in the Middle East & North African (MENA) telecoms sector between mid October and end December 2017.

  • New benchmark on national fake news initiatives in Europe


    Our new benchmark shows the latest initiatives on fake news in ten European member states.

  • [Infographic] EU Telecoms Review: European Parliament and Council positions


    Our new infographic summarises the main points of the lead Industry (ITRE) report and the Council negotiating mandate, which serve as the basis for the ongoing trilogue negotiations.

  • New benchmark on gender equality in TV programmes and advertising


    Our new benchmark shows whether there are rules on gender discrimination in television editorial and advertising programmes in the different EU member states.